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MDC participated at the annual plenary meeting of the European Group for Museum Statistics (EGMUS) held at the National Institute for Cultural Research and Training in Bucharest to discuss, among other things, the use of big data in museum statistics. more

New challenges facing museums

The President of ICOM, Suay Aksoy will deliver a keynote speech at the panel discussion “International Museum Day - New challenges facing museums” taking place at Mimara Museum (Zagreb) on Monday, 20 May 2019, 11:00 CEST. more

Lectures in 2018 @MDC

In 2018 we organized 6 interesting and well attended lectures, hosting museum experts from abroad who shared their experiences and knowledge on variety of topics with the Croatian museum community. more


MUVI: museums - video – film, a biannual festival of Croatian museums’ film and video production, including MUVI LAB aimed at promoting the development and use of new technologies in museums. MUVI 07 took place 6-7 December 2018. more



MDC Newsletter

MDC’s newsletter the "News from the Museum World" informs museum professionals and the general public, creates new users of museum and heritage related content and develops co-operation between professionals from Croatia, region of SEE and the world. more



Informatica Museologica 49

The latest issue of Informatica Museologica features papers presented at the symposium ‘The Photographic Heritage in Croatian Museums’ organized by the MDC in 2017. It is published in Croatian with summaries in English. content

Muzeologija 55

The current issue of Muzeologija is dedicated to the topic of museum storage facilities. Some of the published works were presented at the conference ‘Hommage a Ivo Maroević’ held in 2017 at the MDC. It is published in Croatian with summaries in English.

Museum News


Bauhaus: from School to Movement

Museum of Fine Arts in Split is exhibiting works by the Bauhaus students from Dessau period such as Otti Berger, Ivana Tomljenović and Gustav Bouhtinsky, all of whom hold very important role in the history of Croatian art. The exhibition runs until 11 December, 2019. more

Retrospective exhibition of Goran Petercol in Rijeka

The exhibition entitled “Don’t Worry About Poetics, They Will Arrive on Their Own” which is currently on view at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art presents Petercol’s paintings, actions in space, light installations, drawings and photographs. more


As part of the Greatest Sculptors of the 20th Century series, Art Pavillion in Zagreb is hosting exhibition ''Alexander Calder – The Magic of Sculptural Movement'', presenting Calder’s kinetic art in form of stabiles and mobiles. more


Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb is exhibiting works of painter and graphic artist Davor Vrankić who will also be creating a monumental modular polyptych in front of museum visitors November 5 - 21, 2019. more


Northeast Document Conservation Center (US) and the Croatian State Archives organized a professional development symposium on the conservation of photographs in Eastern and Central Europe (Zagreb, Croatian State Archives, May 22 – 24, 2019) more

Digitalne izložbe

Culturespaces, francuska tvrtka osnovana 1990., stoji iza dva projekta koja su pravi primjer korištenja digitalizirane umjetničke građe na način koji je zasigurno zanimljiv i osobama koje nisu sklone posjećivati muzeje. više

Museum statistics


Croatian museum statistics 2018

Croatian Museum Statistics overview for 2018 was produced after analyzing data from the Register of Museums, galleries and collections in Croatia pertaining to 160 legally established and registered museums. more



Croatian museums and collections

Our online database contains around 300 museums, collections, permanent exhibitions and over 170 sacral collections housed in monasteries and churches. Search through museums and collections according to towns and according to the type of material they hold or exhibit. more

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Reflections of Bauhaus: the Academy of Applied Arts in Zagreb

Klovićevi dvori Gallery is hosting exhibition about the short-lived Academy of Applied Arts in Zagreb (1949-1955) that inaugurated experimentation with materials and new technologies spurring two generation of artists. more

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Andrea Schiavone at the Museum of Arts and Crafts

King Saul being greeted in triumph after David's defeat of Goliath by Renaissance painter and etcher Andrea Schiavone is on display at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb until 2027. more

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The Sixties in Croatia

The monograph The Sixties in Croatia – Myth and Reality follows the exhibition held in 2018 at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. Find out more about this exciting decade in Croatian art and culture. more