Register of Museums, Galeries and Collections in Croatia


Unique and specific data base about museums, their collections, documentation and expert emplyees.

The focus of attention of the documentation and information system of the MDC is on the museum and the collection as a specific category of material. This is the reason why the MDC keeps the Register of Museums, Galleries and Collections in Croatia as a unique and specific database of museums, their collections and professional staff. The main criterion for listing in the Register is the existence of holdings that form a collection. Conceived in this way, the Register is in fact a record of the "musealised heritage" and contains information about all museum institutions in Croatia regardless of their legal and administrative status.


Collection of Photographs


The materials for the Collection of photographs have been systematically collected ever since MDC was founded – during field visits, work on MDC projects, professional trips and through donations.
The Collection of Photographs holds some 15.000 photographs (black and white and in colour), slides, negatives and digital records, all of them divided into several thematic groups. These are: Croatian museums and galleries (buildings, permanent exhibitions, exhibitions, museum objects, activities…), the MDC (history and activities), museums and their holdings in the war, collectors (portraits and settings), church collections and inventories (architecture and objects), educational activities in museums, international holdings (including material that relates to museums from the former Yugoslavia).



With its library holdings, accompanying information tools (catalogues, databases) and services, the MDC library attempts to support basic activities and the mission of the MDC as the central node of the Croatian museum network.
The Library of the Museum Documentation Centre (MDC) is a special library that was founded in 1955 through a donation by the founder of MDC Dr. Antun Bauer.
The library holdings, which number some 40,000 units, cover the field of knowledge about museums and museum activities. They cover museological literature as well as publications by museums and galleries from Croatia and abroad.

Register of Museums, Collections and Treasuries Owned by Religious Communities


Register was created as result of collecting data from 1996.

The Register has not been completed and work on updating it stopped in 2001, but it is, as far as we know, the only such register in Croatia. It contains information about 136 units.

For all additional information please contact: Ivona Marić


Collections of Videos


The Collection of Videos was formed in the mid-1990s and is the most recent addition to the documentation holdings. It holds some 90 videos that record, for the most part, the activities of Croatian and, to a lesser extent, European museums and galleries, such as the openings of exhibitions, both temporary and permanent exhibitions, archaeological excavations, lectures, campaigns like the marking of International Museum Day, as well as stories about the founders of museums (about Dr. Antun Bauer), collectors (Dr. Josip Kovačić) and museum professionals.

New Aquisitions to the MDCs Library


New Acquisitions to the MDC library is an electronic bibliographic database with summaries.
In the form of a cumulative bibliography created over many years, it brings a list of bibliographically systematized material published in the Bibliography of New Acquisitions to the MDC Library,  which is published as a series since 1994. The bibliography is annually updated with, on average, 140 new bibliographic records that form a representative sample of annual acquisitions by the MDC library. It monitors the work of additions to library holdings and provides users with information about their contents.

Collection of Museums Posters


The Collection of Museum Posters was founded in 1973, and today holds 7700 posters from museums and galleries that trace the activities of Croatian museums and galleries, as well as those abroad.

Posters document exhibitions, lectures, campaigns, the marking of International Museum Day and other museum activities.The collection also holds posters that present the heritage in various ways, and were published by non-museum institutions (institutes for the preservation of the cultural heritage, tourism boards and so on).



The Personal Information Archive of Croatian distinguished Curators


The Personal Information Archive of the MDC features all the important museum officers and art historians who with their efforts, work, expertise, knowledge, with their museum and cultural programmes, with their successes at home and abroad have enriched the cultural history of Croatia.
The personnel archive was founded in early 2002 as a part of the Archive of Museums and Galleries in Croatia with the aim of collecting and keeping relevant information created through the activities of prominent individuals in the Republic of Croatia whose work and efforts resulted in the promotion of the museum profession and their local area.
By collecting the information for the Personnel Archive we are contributing to the cultural history of Croatia, facilitating research for future generations and creating materials for future museum publications. This segment of the intangible heritage has the same value as other archival materials and is subject to regulations pertaining to the protection of cultural assets.



War damage to museums and museum's holdings


Online data base was created as result of cataloging and evaluation of war damage on museums and their holdings during Homeland war 1991-1995-1997 in Croatia.