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The first visual arts collection on permanent display was opened in 1939 at Strazarska vrata near Stari grad (The Old Town), under the name of the Gallery of Contemporary Croatian Art. The collection was based on the legacy of one Stjepan Leitner, as well as on the Marusevec and Calinec manor-houses' inventories. In 1947, the City of Cakovec donated the Sermage Palace to the Museum as the new seat of the Old & Contemporary Masters Gallery - a name which it has kept until the very present day.

The gallery's holdings include over 3,000 pieces. Many old masters' works served as the basis of today's permanent collection displaying 61 paintings from the 15th to the end of the 19th c. The most valuable pieces are those by Dutch masters from the 17th and 18th c.

We should also single out, as particularly valuable, the portraits by both local and naturalized masters: A. Moses, M. Brodnik, M. Stroy.

The gallery also holds works by the famous Croatian contemporary masters: V. Becic, Lj. Babic, R. Franges-Mihanovic, as well as by a number of local painters and sculptors from Hrvatsko zagorje and Medjimurje. Particularly valuable are the collections of Miljenko Stancic's and Ivo Rezek's works.

Apart from the collection on permanent display, each year, the Department organizes a number of exhibitions presenting the development of not only the local painters' work, but also of the entire Croatian visual arts production. The collections are as follows: The Paintings Collection (with about 1,000 15th - 20th c. paintings in various techniques); the Drawings Collection (about 300, mostly 19th and 20th c. pieces, associated predominantly with Stjepan Lypolt's School of Drawing); the Collection of Sculptures (53 pieces by contemporary artists); the Graphics Collection (over 1,200 sheets from the early 17th to the 20th c.); the Miljenko Stancic Collection (48 works - paintings, drawings, and graphics), as well as documents and photographs from the life of this renowned Varazdin's painter; the Ivo Rezek collection with about 500 pieces (cartoons, paintings, drawings, painting kits).

Official: Prof. Mirjana Ducakijevic, Senior Curator

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