The use of fire (initially for illumination and heating, somewhat later for food preparation, and eventually in metallurgy) is one among evolution's main achievements, separating man from animals. However, ever since man has started using fire, he has also been fighting it as a potential source of danger. Fire protection is as old as the use of fire itself. Man has always resisted threats posed by fire using the latest technical achievements of his time. The present department illustrates this development.

First of all, burning is explained in terms of a chemical process, along with the possibilities of its stopping i.e. putting out (separating the burning substance from the fire, cooling down, and air inlet blockage), followed by a presentation of fire-extinguishing devices used throughout history.

Particular attention has been paid to the latest achievements associated with fire alarms and fire-fighting under different circumstances, such as, for instance, under the sea, in tunnels, mines, etc.

Manager: Vesna Dakic


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