The Geological Collection gives an account of the Earth's creation, its evolution and inner structure. The Earth i.e. the planet we live on is estimated to be some 4.5-5 billion years old. The changes that the Earth has been going through in its history were often quite dramatic. The Collection introduces visitors to basic geological notions, minerals, rocks, relief forms..., with a particular stress on mineral feed reservoirs.

Presented are also various technological solutions by means of which people were discovering mineral reservoirs in the past, as well as some of the latest achievements in the area.

The Mining Collection provides a review of mining techniques throughout history. Exhibited are the best known minerals' samples: iron, lead, copper, zinc ... as well as illustrations of mines' development in our country from antiquity until the present day.

By all means the department's most interesting part is the mine i.e. a model of a coal & metal mine's section built in its actual size. Total length of the mine's hallways amounts to about 300 meters, while the greatest depth is 6 meters.

The oil collection treats the creation of oil and gas, their distribution and movement in the Earth's crust, as well as methods of discovering their reservoirs; their exploitation and processing.

The department's latest acquisition is a model of a land surveying office. The layout suggests the appearance of a cadastral office from the first half of the century.

Managers: Davorka Bakula and Zeljko Staklarevic


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