In their efforts to meet increasing energy needs, men have been constantly discovering new energy transformation solutions, through a continuous historical scientific and technological development.

Some of the solutions discovered are documented in the present Department, consisting of the following units:


Muscular Energy

The collection presents devices developed for exploiting both human and animal muscular energy.


Energy "Borrowing": Hydro Power and Wind Energy

The next development phase is characterized by man's turning towards nature and its energy sources, using the power of the wind and of the watercourses. Windmills were built in all parts of the world, capturing wind's energy and transforming it to useful work - the turning of the grindstone. The first water-powered mills date back to Roman times, while their underlying technology was being constantly advanced. Towards the beginning of the 19th c., these advancements finally resulted in the appearance of the first water turbines.


Steam Plants

No other discovery in the area of power supply has ever caused such revolutionary changes as the steam engine. The resulting achievements are illustrated through a collection of steam plants.


Internal Combustion Engines

In the effort to discover even more advanced ways of using thermal energy, internal combustion engines were developed, with a wide range of possible applications in all areas of human activity (whether stationary in industrial plants, or installed into land, naval, and air transportation means). Of particular interest here is the collection of jet engines.



By following the historic development of energy transformation, we come accross this most valuable energy form presently known to man.


Nuclear Power

The nuclear power exploitation description explains how man has managed to penetrate into the microcosm - the world of atoms - and exploit the atomic nucleus' energy.


Alternative Energy Sources

The department ends in a vision of possible "alternative" (or, better yet, supplemental) future energy sources. They include solar energy, tide energy, seawaves and sea currents energy, geothermal energy, coal reservoirs gasification, and so on).

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