The need for food is one among man's basic needs. Same as machines require a certain amount of energy for their operation, man - this "biological machine" - must keep introducing various nutrients into his body in order to be able to live and work.

The department introduces its visitors to the basics of soil cultivation and tools used in the process. It has been divided into a collection of digging tools (hoes and spades), and a collection of ploughing tools (ploughs and ploughshares).

At the Museum, we may find the precursors of today's basic digging tools, from times when simple pointed sticks or animal horns were used for a most primitive land cultivation.

Having mastered metalworking techology, people started adding metal parts to these primitive land-working devices, and that is how the first digging tools were made, precursors of today's hoes and spades. Through further advancement i.e. adding of auxiliary parts to digging tools, the first ploughing devices were created - ploughs and ploughshares.

In the efforts towards the department's expasion to include other ways and means of exploiting natural resources without harming the environment, a collection of beehives was introduced, consisting of specimen glass beehives with live bees.

Manager: Bozica Skulj


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