My Mother

  • Sculpture in the round, 1909, Otavice
  • Bronze, 37.4◊33.7◊32 cm

Cast while the author was alive
Owned by: FIM Ė Ivan Mestrovic Gallery, inv. no. 77

The dining room area houses not only the painting The Last Supper, but also the portrait of the artistís mother, a self-portrait, and two Mestrovicís portraits, the works of the painters Vlaho Bukovac and Gustav Likan. Mestrovic himself made sketches for the furniture and the sculptor Andrija Krstulovic carved the caryatids in front of the fireplace, having Mestrovicís models for guidelines.

Ivan Mestrovic made several portraits of his mother Marta, born Kurobasa (1862-1941). This one was made during the summer holidays of 1909, when he came from Paris to visit Otavice for the second time. Later, he used the portrait to make a full statue of his mother.