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In 1952, a contract of donation was concluded between Ivan Meštrović and the People's Republic of Croatia, by means of which Ivan Meštrović donated to the people of Croatia his family house and atelier in Zagreb (later adapted into an exhibition space - the Meštrović Atelier), the family villa with ateliers in Split (which later also became an exhibition space - the Ivan Meštrović Gallery), the sacral and art complex Kaštelet-Crikvine in Split, and the Meštrović family vault - The Most Holy Redeemer Church near Otavice. The donation also included several Meštrović's works of art, today the bases of the museum holdings of the mentioned institutions.

Until 1991, the Meštrović Gallery in Split (which included the Kaštelet-Crikvine complex) functioned as an independent museum, the Meštrović Atelier was first under the jurisdiction of the Gradska galerija suvremene umjetnosti (the City Gallery of Contemporary Art) and later of the Galerije grada Zagreba (the City of Zagreb Galleries), while The Most Holy Redeemer Church was under the jurisdiction of the Muzej Drniške Krajine (the Drniš Region Museum).

The Ivan Meštrović Foundation Law of 1991 legally founded the Ivan Meštrović Foundation with the administrative headquarters in Zagreb, Mletačka 8. The basic mission of the Foundation is to protect and maintain the donated buildings and works, to present them appropriately to the public, and to guarantee a professional treatment of the holdings. The Foundation should also ensure a wider and complete historical and artistic treatment of Ivan Meštrović's life and work. The professional staff of the Foundation tries to valorise and popularise Meštrović's works and his contribution to plastic arts of the 20th century through exhibitions, publications, specialist and scientific works, and educational programmes. All regular activities and special programmes of the Foundation are financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.



Ivan Meštrović in Atelier in Mletačka 8 in Zagreb, 1934, photography: Griesbach

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