The Grubišić family coat of arms

  • Drawing: a copy, tempera on paper
  • Dim.: 29,6 x 21 cm

The coat of arms of the aristocratic family originally from Tučepi, which was added to the nobility in the 18th century.There is a winged unicorn on an azure shield.  Above the shiled is a helmet with a crown, out of which a black erect unicorn is growing out.  The cape is stylized in the form of a leaf. This mark of the Grubišić family of Makarska can be found in the book by Luka Vladimirović Razmisgliena karschianksa (Christian thoughts), Venice, 1756, which was dedicated to a learned priest and abe Klement Grubišić (1725 – 1773) who owned a renowned summer residence in Tučepi.