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ICOM Hrvatska / Heritage Interpretation and Tourism - Enhancing the tourist's experience and benefitting host communities

mjesto održavanja: Primošten, Croatia
datum početka/završetka: 10.05.2014. / 13.05.2014.
organizator: ICOM Hrvatska; Interpret Europe

With its beautiful coast Dalmatia is a leading destination for seaside holidays. Away from the beaches it also boasts rich natural and cultural sites and attractive towns and villages that have huge potential for heritage interpretation. We will consider how high quality interpretation can attract people to visit heritage sites, encourage them to explore inland and help extend tourism beyond the peak season. We will explore how heritage interpretation can bring benefits both for tourists and for local communities.

At the conference we want to discuss how:
•    heritage interpretation can complement resort tourism
•    well-planned and well-executed interpretation can inspire tourists
•    interpretation can impact positively on the economy of popular tourism destinations
•    interpretation can also contribute to regional identity and local pride
•    interpretation planning and delivery can involve local people as well as experts
•    we can learn from best practice, success factors, lessons learnt and research results.

More about the conference at: http://www.interpret-europe.net/top/whats-on/events/conference-2014.html
Deadline for submissions of papers is 31 December 2013 (http://www.interpret-europe.net/top/whats-on/events/conference-2014/call-for-papers.html