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MUVI 04: museums - video - film

MUVI 04 / 2012: museums - video - film
organiser: Museum Documentation Centre [MDC]
time to be held: December 5 - 6, 2012
deadline: November 20, 2012
the final programme: to be announced by November, 30

also taking part in the project: worlds’ museums
venue: Museum Documentation Centre, Ilica 44/II, Zagreb, Croatia and Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
author of the MUVI & Chief Selector: Lada Dražin-Trbuljak, e-mail:;
tel. + 385 1 4817 054; fax + 385 1 4847 913

On 5-6 December, 2012 the fourth edition of MUVI: museums-video-film will take place in Zagreb, Croatia.

MUVI is a research project the objective of which is, through the active organisation of events, a screening programme, lectures, encounters of museum professionals with film and video authors and the issue of publications, to contribute to the production of a creative atmosphere in the recognition and use of the media of film and video in museums. The very number of 150 films that we have screened during the previous three events has convinced us that in the last few years museums have been endeavouring to make use of the opportunities of the media for the recording and documentation of their diverse activities.

The first biennial MUVI 01: museums-video-film was held in 2006 at Museum Documentation Centre (Zagreb, Croatia) the aim of it being to explore and show all the diversity of museum film and video productions in Croatian museums and galleries and to encourage the preservation and protection of this segment of the heritage.
The concept of the project was defined at the very outset. It was predicted that MUVI would be held over few days every other year in the first week in December, with the proviso that the first two days were intended for a screening programme (video and films of local and foreign production), while day three, depending on the programme, would be reserved for lectures, workshops or roundtables.
The focus of MUVI 04 would be on successful promotion of a museum community through the film and video. In parallel, the project will continue to cover research into museum and documentation collections, video collections and film collections of Croatian and worlds’ museums and to work as a platform for the gathering of and development of personal contacts among professionals who deal with this area of activity.

a preliminary programme:

December 5, 2012: Festival: recent Croatian museum video and film production.
entries to be received by October 30, 2012
The first day of MUVI 03/10 will show Croatian museum video and film production, go on with the assembly of experts in the area of video and film from partner institutions, in order for them to present their most recent research and discuss various aspects of the production and possibilities of the application of film and video in museums.
Thematic units: I. Historical part II. Video/Film from the museum and documentation collections of Croatian museums; lll. Video/Film in the permanent collection or in temporary exhibitions IV. Video/Film created in coproduction with other production companies. V. Video/Film from all who are interested in museums or love museums

December 6, 2012: Festival: recent international museum video and film production.
entries to be received by November 20, 2012
During the second day we shall present recent projects from abroad. We are inviting Museum or Curators working with video/film to submit their works. Join us for MUVI 04/12!
Approximately ten videos will be selected. All selected authors will be informed by e-mail by the beginning of November.
The public screening of the selected video works will take place in December, in Museum Documentation Centre, Zagreb, Croatia during the second day of international video and film festival.

December 6, 2012: The public screening of the selected video works from MUVI MOBILE FESTIVAL.
entries to be received by November 20, 2012
The Museum Documentation Centre is announcing a competition for a short story about a museum, museums, museum professionals and museum objects shot on a cell phone.
Inspired by Internet projects, we would like still to further encourage your interest in museums and everything to do with them, and invite you to send us your entry by October 30, 2012, at the latest.
In MUVI 04, this year MDC is starting with the fourth edition of its project concerned with research into film and video production in museums. This year, a novelty will be the launch of MUVI MOBILE FESTIVAL Channel, through which we would like to spur innovativeness and creativity in the promotion of the video/film
productions of museums on the Web. Thus the event, in addition to the already well-established several-day programme, will for the first time get a virtual version as well. The panel of judges will select the best films, which we shall publish, and in due time inform and reward you. All are welcome to take part.

- video works shorter than 30 minutes - submitted in DVD (PAL) format (In the case of video file: avi, mpeg or   quicktime format)
- each author is allowed to submit a maximum of 2 works
- work should be accompanied by a short concept of the work, CV and contact info
- application to take part in MUVI O4/12: [application form]
- deadline: 30, October 2010

Note. We would ask you to kindly indicate whether you will allow us to keep your contributions in the MDC video collection. This material will be used exclusively for viewing in the MDC, and for no other purposes.

To the entry, the following should be appended:
- the story filmed on a cell phone up to three minutes long, sent on a DVD
- a short CV
- as well as film and biography on DVD, it is also possible to email a link to an already uploaded film – on   YouTube or Vimeo, for instance.
- deadline: 30, October 2010

Note. A word of advice for all those who want to shoot their film in a museum: please find out first what the rules of the given museum are, for Croatian museums all make their own independent decisions about permitting visitors to film and photograph.

- applications to take part in the festival: should be sent to the organiser by November 20, 2012
- applications to take part in the workshop: the deadline will be announced in mid-November 2012
- the final programme: to be announced by November 30, 2012

Please send to the following address:
MUVI O4/12
Museum Documentation Centre, Ilica 44, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia