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MUVI 02: musems - video - film

MUVI 02 / 09: museums - video - film
organiser: Museum Documentation Centre, Zagreb
also taking part in the project: museums and galleries in Croatia
time to be held: February 16 - 18 2009
duration: three days (during days one and two, the presentation programme; on the third day a workshop)
venue: Museum Documentation Centre, Ilica 44/II, Zagreb
contact person: Lada Dražin-Trbuljak, e-mail:; tel. ++ 385 1 48 47 897; fax ++ 385 1 48 47 913
applications to take part in the workshop: the deadline will be announced in mid-January 2009
the final programme: to be announced in mid-January, 2009

Over the three days of MUVI 01 / 06, towards the end of December 2006, we presented 51 films and videos of museums and galleries in Croatia and established links with the Croatian State Archives (Croatian Film Collection) aimed at providing protection for film material; now we are following up this success (according to the reactions of the museumists) with the organisation of a second event.
In parallel, the project will continue to cover research into museum and documentation collections, video collections and film collections of Croatian museums and to work as a platform for the gathering of and development of personal contacts among museumists who deal with this area of activity.

a preliminary programme:

February 16, MUVI 02/09: Festival
The first day of MUVI 02/09 will show recent Croatian museum, video and film production, go on with the assembly of experts in the area of video and film from partner institutions, in order for them to present their most recent research and discuss various aspects of the production and possibilities of the application of film and video in museums.
Thematic units:
I. Historical part
II. Film and video from the collections of Croatian museums
III. Film and video from the documentation collections of Croatian museums
IV. Film and video in the permanent collection or in temporary exhibitions
V. Museums and museum material in films created in co-production with other production companies

February 17, MUVI 02/09
From this year on, during the second day we shall present some recent projects from abroad.
Join us for MUVI 02/09!

February 18, MUVI 02/09: Workshop
The third days is earmarked for a workshop on the topic What we ought to know before embarking on making a museum video.
In practice it has turned out that museums often endeavour to document projects in their own amateur manner or in cooperation with the national TV company or some private production companies.
The leader of the workshop will be a film professional attempting to give museumists a brief insight into the phases of planning a project (from definition of the objects, the users, purpose, contents / synopsis, the team, drawing up a cost estimate, equipment, advertising and marketing the finished project). Some museumists, directors, camerapersons and editors who have practical experience in the making of museum films will also be invited to take part in the workshop.

The organisation and production of this year's MUVI 02: museums - video - film will be run by the Museum Documentation Centre with support from the City of Zagreb's Office for Education, Culture and Sport and by the  Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.