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MUVI 01: museums - video - film

MUVI 01/06: museums - video - film
organiser: Museum Documentation Centre, Zagreb
also taking part in the project: museums and galleries in Croatia
time to be held: December 4 - 6, 2006
duration: three days (during days one and two, the presentation programme; on the third day a workshop)
venue: Museum Documentation Centre, Ilica 44/II, Zagreb
contact person: Lada Dražin-Trbuljak, e-mail:; tel. ++ 385 1 48 47 897; fax ++ 385 1 48 47 913

We launched MUVI 01: musems - video - film, for we were in want of a place where museum professionals, managers of film and movie archives, professionals dealing with the protection of audio-visual material and with film production as well as the general public could meet, exchange opinions and just talk, perhaps about some future joint projects. Hence we called upon museums to present themselves with their own choice of films or videos from their museum and documentary collections.

Films and videos have a broad range of application and functions in museums, for they are at once primary museum material, documentation, museographic aid nad means of promotion. Museums can  use videos and films to document their activities, the opening of exhibitions, archaeological excavations, and their holdings.
The objective of the presentation is to prompt research into the existence of film and audio-visual material in Croatian museums and galleries, to set a value on individual projects, encourage the protection of films and audio-visual materials in museums. We woul like to present something of what museum professionals have taken themselves in order, on film or video, to keep records of their work, things that museums have taken themselves or in collaboration with Croatian Radio Television or some other production company.

Thematic units:
I. Historical part
II. Film and video from the museum collections of Croatian museums
III. Film and video from the documentation collections of Croatian museums
IV. Film and video in the permanent collection or in temporary exhbitions
V. Museums and museum material in films created in co-production with other production companies

The organisation and production of this year's MUVI 01: museums - video - film will be run by the Museum Documentation Centre with support from the City of Zagreb's Office for education, Culture and Sport.