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Museum Networks in Europe
Round-table conference
Museum Documentation Centre, Ilica 44/II, Zagreb
February, 22-23, 2007

Museum Documentation Centre organizes the round-table conference on different forms of connecting/networking museums in European countries.The official language of the conference will be English.
The goal of the round-table conference is to learn about the system of connecting/networking museums in each of the participating countries (through presentations) and to exchange experiences (through discussion).

The professionals from Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Portugal and Croatia will present their systems of connection, i. e. creating the system of assistance and support for their museums considering organizing and everyday activity. The discussion about the networking experiences would take place after the presentations.

February, 22nd (Thursday)
Beginning at 10,30
Višnja Zgaga, Croatia
Clara Camacho, Portugal
Coffee break
Alexandra Pan, Italy – South Tyrol
February, 23rd (Friday)
Beginning at 10,30
Espen Hernes, Norway
Metka Fujs, Slovenia
Coffee break
Ine Vos, Belgium

The participants:
- Belgium: Ms Ine Vos, Flemish Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports and Media - Agency of Arts and Heritage (
- Norway: Mr Espen Hernes, senior adviser at the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (
- Portugal: Ms Clara Camacho, coordinator of the Portuguese Museums Network project and deputy-director of the Portuguese Institute of Museums (
- Slovenia: Ms Metka Fuis, president of the Slovenian Museum Association and director of Regional Museum Murska Sobota,
- Italy (Autonomous province South Tyrol): dr. Alexandra Pan, Servicestelle Museen - Amt für Kultur - Abteilung Deutsche Kultur und Familie, responsible for the project of cataloging cultural heritage in South Tyrol (
- Croatia: Ms Višnja Zgaga, museum advisor and the director of MDC, Croatia, coordinator of Croatian Museum Network

Other participants:
- directors and coordinators of Croatian "museum network head museums" and museum professionals

Markita Franulić
phone: ++385 1 48 47 897
fax: ++385 1 48 47 913

Today in Croatia there are some 200 museums, galleries and collections; 127 church collections, as well as a large number of private collections that hold more than 5,000,000 objects.
They employ some 870 professional workers, curators, documentation workers, computer experts, educators, preparation and restoration workers, librarians and archivists that collect, professionally and scientifically treat, preserve, present and communicate information about the museum holdings as a segment of the Croatian and world cultural heritage.

After the legislation of the Law on Museums in 1998 and the Book of Rules on the Way and Criteria for connecting into the System of Croatian Museums 2002, MDC has become the coordinator of the System (Network) of Croatian Museums. All Croatian museums registered at the Croatian Ministry of Culture are included into Croatian Museum Network by the provision of the Law on Museums. The Croatian Museum Network has been established "as the organized form of professional activity" aiming to "improve the quality of museum activities, establishing the unique standards and norms for museum work. The activity of Croatian Museum Network especially includes the following functions:
- professional control over museums' activities,
- professional support,
- improving professional work in museums and
- harmonizing the activities within the System of Croatian museums".
These tasks are carried out by legally nominated Head Museums (in Croatian: matični muzeji) through two councils (i. e. at two levels): the Museums' System Council and the Head Museum Activity Council. The network is organized according to 6 basic types of museum collections: fine arts, archaeology, ethnography, history, science and technology and natural history and subsequently functions at the level of collection (a general / multidisciplinary museum with different collections is therefore under competence of different Head museums).
The Croatian Museum Network actually started to function in 2003, and its priorities were: supporting the museums in inventorying their material and objects, as well as the implementation of computer information system (for cataloguing) into museums.
Additionally, museums are given support in their functioning at different levels and the new museums in their founding.
As Croatian Museum network is at its beginning, we would like to learn about different European examples of museum connecting/networking, either they are the result of legislation or professional initiatives and to exchange the experiences. We are interested in the basic idea of connecting museums, organizing and actual everyday functioning of "museum networks", together with all successes and problems.
MDC is therefore organizing the round-table conference Museum Networks in Europe to which the representatives from Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Portugal and Croatia are invited to present their systems of connection, i. e. creating the system of assistance and support for their museums considering organizing and everyday activity. The discussion about the networking experiences would take place after the presentations.