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New acquisitions to the MDC library

ISSN 1845-2507

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New Acquisitions to the MDC library is an electronic bibliographic database with summaries. It specializes in the field of museology and knowledge about museums. It contains bibliographical records on recent publications by authors from Croatia and abroad published by museums, museum associations and similar heritage institutions. It is thematically linked with museums in Croatia and abroad, museum collections and exhibitions, archaeological sites, museological literature and literature dealing with preventive preservation. Every bibliographic record is accompanied by an informative descriptive summary that provides a brief description of the basic contents of a given publication.

In the form of a cumulative bibliography created over many years, it brings a list of bibliographically systematized material published in the Bibliography of New Acquisitions to the MDC Library,  which is published as a series since 1994. The bibliography is annually updated with, on average, 140 new bibliographic records that form a representative sample of annual acquisitions by the MDC library. It monitors the work of additions to library holdings and provides users with information about their contents.

It is publicly accessible with the aim of meeting professional, scholarly and other requirements on the part of users and represents a form of promotion for museum publications.


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