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The online database of the Collection of museum posters enables an insight into and study of the publication of posters on the part of all museums and galleries in Croatia.
The database was formed in 2005, and currently holds a small number of units that will grow over time.

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cataloguer's title Na temeljima starih civilizacija
title International Museum Day
author(s) Bućan, Boris
published by Muzejski dokumentacijski centar
place Zagreb
country Hrvatska
year 1982.
technique sitotisak
dimensions height: 196 cm; height: 98 cm
theme promocija, egipatska civilizacija, grčka civilizacija, kršćanska civilizacija, Međunarodni dan muzeja
inventory number 3635
The Boris Bučan poster published in 1982 is one of the first examples of a poster with dimensions that stood out from all previous versions of the genre. His mega-format is four times greater than the previous standard size, an innovation in design. This is the characteristic of the personal style of the author, who was later on to give the poster a square format. This poster has a vertical composition and at the same time retains its formal application – it is meant for wall display.

The poster shows three stylised figures of reduced volumes that symbolise the various different civilisations in this part of the world – Egyptian, Christian and Greek. Through the selection of these material and religious symbols the author drew attention to the heritage that museums keep, study and communicate.
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