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The online database of the Collection of museum posters enables an insight into and study of the publication of posters on the part of all museums and galleries in Croatia.
The database was formed in 2005, and currently holds a small number of units that will grow over time.

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cataloguer's title Bezvremenost simbola
title International Museum Day
author(s) Dragić, Nedjeljko
published by Muzejski dokumentacijski centar
place Zagreb
country Hrvatska
year 1984.
technique sitotisak
dimensions height: 97.5 cm; width: 67.5 cm
theme promocija, muzejski predmet, Albrecht Dürer, okvir za sliku, vitez, renesansa, Međunarodni dan muzeja
inventory number 4270
On this poster the author links two motifs that are linked in their associative rhetoric with museums: part of the engraving Knight, Devil and Death by Albert Dürer, and a decorative picture frame. Dürer’s engraving is a widely known work of art not only because of its contents but also because of the great values of the workmanship and aesthetics; the decorative picture frame is related to art in general.

The insertion of the diagonally pointing red arrow indicating the wording International Museum Day is the author’s way of pointing up the occasion for the publication of the poster.
 20 plakata = Posters. Zagreb : Muzejski dokumentacijski centar, 2000.
 20 plakatov = Posters. Ljubljana : Arhitekturni muzej Ljubljana, 2001.