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The online database of the Collection of museum posters enables an insight into and study of the publication of posters on the part of all museums and galleries in Croatia.
The database was formed in 2005, and currently holds a small number of units that will grow over time.

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cataloguer's title Suvremeni muzej
title International Museum Day
author(s) Bućan, Boris
published by Muzejski dokumentacijski centar
place Zagreb
country Hrvatska
year 1988.
technique sitotisak
dimensions height: 203 cm; height: 68 cm
theme promocija, muzeografija, muzejska vitrina, Međunarodni dan muzeja, baština
inventory number 4274
A glass-fronted display case is an ordinary item of museum and gallery institutions. However, in the poster on which this is the basic motif, the author does not fill it up with any items of the heritage, which would have been expected. He puts the stylised display case on a base with classical moulding, filling it with figures in movement, designed in Expressionist manner, shown only in silhouette. In this manner he shifts the borders in the presentation of museum objects – he puts human beings, as the owners of the tangible artefacts presented – in the foreground. It is man that is the carrier of memory, and human stories and experiences represent something that happened in some moment in the past.

The poster is given mega-format shape (it is composed of six parts).
 20 plakata = Posters. Zagreb : Muzejski dokumentacijski centar, 2000.
 20 plakatov = Posters. Ljubljana : Arhitekturni muzej Ljubljana, 2001.