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The online database of the Collection of museum posters enables an insight into and study of the publication of posters on the part of all museums and galleries in Croatia.
The database was formed in 2005, and currently holds a small number of units that will grow over time.

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ICOM's theme Museums and indigenous peoples
title International Museum Day
author(s) Ljubičić, Boris
published by Muzejski dokumentacijski centar
place Zagreb
country Hrvatska
year 1993.
technique offset
dimensions height: 68 cm; width: 98.5 cm
theme promocija, baština, ruke, dr. Ghose, Međunarodni dan muzeja
inventory number 4837
Along with the illustrative material, the poster contains a printed message sent by the president of ICOM, Dr Ghose, on the occasion of the marking of International Museum Day. In his message, Dr Ghose calls upon people to help each other. He points out that only by combined efforts will it be possible to contribute to the stimulation of the social awareness that is one of the preconditions for the protection of the heritage even in museums. At that time Croatia was going through the experience of the war, the destruction of lives and of the heritage, and from this point of view, the support of the international professional community was essential to it indeed.

The author depicted the topic on the poster with a motif of two hands, touching. But on the one hand, it was alive and human, and on the other, wooden, from a damaged sculpture of Christ, with a wound through the palm. This suggestive touch, apart from representing the touch of the living and the dead hand, also means, in the context of the events of the war, a touch of reconciliation and forgiveness.
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