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The online database of the Collection of museum posters enables an insight into and study of the publication of posters on the part of all museums and galleries in Croatia.
The database was formed in 2005, and currently holds a small number of units that will grow over time.

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ICOM's theme Museums and environment
title International Museum Day
author(s) Ljubičić, Boris
published by Muzejski dokumentacijski centar
place Zagreb
country Hrvatska
year 1992.
technique offset
dimensions height: 69 cm; width: 99 cm
theme promocija, skulptura, Solinjanka, Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, Međunarodni dan muzeja, baština
inventory number 4769
The reference of this poster is the war in Croatia. The central motif is a photographic montage of a head, composed of two familiar museum artefacts: the portrait of Salona Woman (Archaeological Museum, Zagreb; head of Plautila (?), Salona, 3rd century) and the head of a prehistoric man (Croatian Natural History Museum, Zagreb, Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, Krapina Pleistocene).

The heads were combined photographically, with a double exposure. The female figure represents beauty (and life), and the skull death (and war), and by joining them, the author refers to the perils of life in war-torn Croatia. The wording is reduced to a minimum – the word Croatia is written – as site of the event – and the date – May 18, 1992 – the time. The poster has a powerful effect, arousing disquiet and describing the atmosphere of the moment.
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