At a museum's request, MDC carries out an inspection of the building, rooms and collections in view of their protection and preventative protection.
After inspection we provide expert opinions about the state of protection and preventative protection in the museum with recommendations for improving the situation.
To date we have carried out over thirty studies on protection and these can be viewed, after obtaining permission in line with the Rules of access to museum holdings and documentation, in MDC's library.
Expert opinions contain: the text, appendices (architectural documentation, sketches, blueprints etc.) and photographic documentation. Museums are inspected only at their written request or at the request of the museum's founder, and the costs are borne by the party commissioning the work. Costs include only travelling expenses.

Opinions contain reviews of:

  • The museum building – the state of the construction – need for structural engineer's opinion, damp in walls, installations (water, electricity, gas), heating…
  • Each particular room – purpose of the room, condition, fittings etc.
  • Storerooms – fittings, protection from dust
  • Microclimate – relative humidity of the air and temperature suggested for a proper museum microclimate that meets the standards
  • Lighting – lighting intensity, especially of UV radiation, and recommendations for protective measures
  • Protection from burglary and fire
  • Measures of preventative protection for individual types of museum holdings – for example for oil paintings and temperas, works of art on paper, wood…