Barque "Eber"


  • Built in Trieste in 1870
  • Tons 775
  • Ownership of the Peljesac Maritime Association, Orebic
  • Commander Captain Mrcevic
  • Sold in Constantinople to the Greeks in 1885
  • Oil on canvas by Captain B. Ivankovic, 1870
  • Dim. 67cm x 46.5 cm, frame 2 cm

Inclined on its left side, this three-masted vessel is sailing the rough seas under full canvas. Its hull is painted dark with a white edge along the bulwark. Under the bowsprit is a white figurehead representing a human figure and an ornament, identical to the one on the stern. Suspended on the foremast is the flag of the Peljesac Maritime Association bearing the initials AMS (Associazione Marittima di Sabioncello). At the mainmast is a red banner with the name of the vessel (Eber). At the mizzen mast is a large flag of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as well as four code flags. The composition is extremely dynamic, the colours subdued. In the background are five larger sailing vessels at which one can discern the flags of the Peljesac Maritime Association. The picture is enclosed in a narrow gold frame on a stretcher.


Copyright MDC & Carnet
design NOVENA, Zagreb